Here are some ways to empower ourselves financially. Because we can and we have to.

salary negotiation

On average, women in Massachusetts earn only 83 cents on the dollar compared to men. Don’t wait. Now is the time to negotiate what you are worth.

Preparing for a New Life

As women, we are more likely to pause our careers to take care of others. Whether you are leaving, re-entering, or temporarily adjusting, here are some ways to leverage existing resources.

Does your employer offer paid parental leave?


Know Your Rights at Work

Learn about the Family and Medical Leave Act. (American Association of University Women)

Locate child care options in Massachusetts


Find Early Education and Care Programs

The Commonwealth’s Executive Office of Education provides resources for selecting quality education and care programs. (Mass.gov)

Strategies for re-entering the workforce


iRelaunch Resources

iRelaunch offers guidance and materials for women looking to change careers. (iRelaunch.com)

Saving for Retirement

We usually outlive our male counterparts. Make sure to set yourself up for long-term, independent success.


Why it’s harder for women to save for retirement

About half of women have put aside money for retirement, compared to 65 percent of men. This article details why. (CBS News)


Women are $268,000 short of retirement

This video details trends between men and women regarding retirement savings, citing recent studies. (Bloomberg Business)

The Value of Microsavings

The Value of Microsavings (Arabic)

The Value of Microsavings (Arabic Translation)

The Value of Microsavings (Spanish)

The Value of Microsavings: Spanish Translation

Office of Economic Empowerment Programs