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Financial Strategies During Deployment & Your Transition to Civilian Life

When your military life meets your financial life.


Ways to Manage Military Family Debt from Post-Military Life

FInd out how to build a budget following your service. (Bank of America)

Getting a car after the military

Acquiring a car after your service shouldn’t be difficult. Follow these tips and you won’t break the bank! (Bank of America)


Financial Checklist for Transitioning Military Members

7 areas of focus for your financial security after service. (Bank of America)


5 ways civilian and military pay are different

How different are paychecks as a civilian versus military work? Review these notes and find out. (Bank of America)


Debt after the military: 5 things to know

Did you know servicemembers tend to hold more debt than civilians? Here’s how you can manage your debt successfully. (Bank of America)

Avoiding Scams and Future Debt

You have worked hard for what you have. Don’t let someone take it away from you.

How Debt Impacts Security Clearance

Learn about the nuances behind employer credit score checks during job application processes. (Credit Karma, 2016)


MoneySmart for Older Adults

A joint resource guide created by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau and the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC). (CFPB, 2013)

Office of Economic Empowerment Programs

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