Marriage & Divorce

Merging and diverging your financial lives.

Getting Ready to Merge Finances

First comes love. Then comes marriage. Then comes…talking about money.


How can couples deal with income differences?

How to deal with the dilemma of disparate incomes within a couple. (, 2016)


Buying A House Together Before Marriage?

Before tying the knot, look into some research with your partner pre-mortgage paperwork. (, 2015)

Managing Your Money Together

Mine. Yours. Ours. Make these first decisions together.


Couples and Finances

A brief video covering joint accounts, student loans, and wedding budgeting. (CBS News, 2015)


How to Plan for Retirement as a Couple

Newlyweds should think about joint, long-term goals, such as retirement. Don’t overlook the planning needed to enjoy your golden years together. (, 2016)


The Retirement Prospects of Divorced Women

A hefty report from the SSA’s Office of Recruitment and Disability Policy covering social security benefits for divorced women and factors that affect income amounts. (Social Security Administration, 2012)


How Marital Status Affects Retirement Benefits

Did you know married couples are eligible for retirement benefits? Find out more with this article. (U.S. News & World Report, 2014)


Getting married? 5 key money moves

Follow these 5 financial tips before you walk down the aisle. (CNN Money, 2012)

Diverging Finances

This may be the last thing you want to think about, but it should be the first thing you do.


How to Survive Divorce with your Finances Intact

“Women’s wages, studies have shown, often fall after a divorce, while men’s wages rise.” (CBS Los Angeles, 2015)


Opening and Closing Accounts When Divorcing

Cover your bases during your divorce by reviewing these tips from an attorney. (


The Cost of Divorce

Divorce can drain both your emotions and your finances. Here are a few things to keep in mind during this stressful process. (, 2016)


Divorcing Women: When Can You Withdraw Funds From Joint Accounts?

Read through some detailed guidance on when women can withdraw money from joint accounts during divorce. (Forbes, 2013)


Pros and Cons of Keeping a Secret Fund In Case You Divorce

Divorce Financial Strategist Jeff Landers details the advantages and risks of secret savings in case of a rainy day. (Forbes, 2013)


5 Financial Tips to Help You Through a Divorce

Survive your separation and keep your finances intact with these helpful suggestions. (NBC News)

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