Families With Children

Take small steps to strengthen your entire family’s future.

The “Family Dynamic” & Preparing for the Future

Supporting your family tree can be a difficult balancing act. Below are some strategies to help you manage your family’s financial goals.

Teaching Your Children & Teenagers About Money

Don’t make money an awkward subject. Here are some ways to teach your child or teen some valuable and lifelong habits.

For Children


“Money As You Grow” – Early Childhood

Engage your children with these fun, handy exercises that explain abstract financial concepts. (Consumer Financial Protection Bureau)


“Money As You Grow” – Middle Childhood

Here are more advanced exercises to explain healthy and practical approaches to money matters for children. (Consumer Financial Protection Bureau)

Caring for Aging or Dependent Family Members

If a family member needs assistance managing their financial life, there are ways you can help.

Office of Economic Empowerment Programs