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We offer practical, straightforward answers to your financial questions that are relevant now, and can help you achieve your goals going forward. We have compiled high-quality, educational multimedia and interactive resources that deliver appropriate and timely information to help you take control of your future.

MyFinancialLifeMA.org is brought to you by Deborah B. Goldberg, Treasurer and Receiver General of Massachusetts, in collaboration with the Office of Economic Empowerment, and was inspired by the work of the Massachusetts Financial Literacy Task Force.


our philosophy

Each of us manages a personal life, a family life, and a work life. Living a healthy, well-planned financial life enables us to make the most of all three – but we all know that it’s not always easy.

Your financial situation impacts the quality and trajectory of all other aspects of your world: it determines where you live, the education you can give your children, when you will start enjoying retirement, and much more. MyFinancialLifeMA.org aims to provide access to the tools and knowledge you need to achieve economic stability and economic security, no matter where you are in life and when you decide to take action.

Remember, you don’t have to be wealthy to lead a strong financial life; average income earners should be even more diligent about managing their money. With expert information that can help prepare you for life’s changing circumstances, you will be more empowered to plan, spend, and save carefully so you can enjoy life the way you always wanted and deserved.

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